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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ecoffee Cup made from?
Ecoffee Cup is made from natural fibre (corn stalk and bamboo) cornstarch and a proprietary resin. For more detailed information, please contact  [email protected]
Is Ecoffee Cup suitable for daily re-use?
We take product safety extremely seriously. We regularly test our products to ensure they exceed global food contact safety standards, making them suitable for daily reuse at up to +100˚C. If you would like more information on our testing and compliance certification please contact [email protected]
Is Ecoffee Cup dishwasher-safe?
Ecoffee Cup is fully dishwasher safe. Top shelf recommended.
Is Ecoffee Cup microwave-safe? 
Ecoffee Cup 2.0 (black box) is microwave-safe (as per instructions). Our original Ecoffee Cup 1.0 (kraft box) is not suitable for microwave use.